Bot — automatic queue booking at Lithuanian border

на русском | lietuviškai Bot is an application developed specifically for those who regularly cross the Lithuanian border. The Bot provides continuous monitoring of the website and automatically books free places in the queue as soon as they are vacated. Bot - automatic queue booking at Lithuanian border

On this site, the upcoming dates are always booked by other users. However, the program monitors vacant slots due to cancellations and instantly registers vehicles for these free slots.

You can customize vehicle settings, check-in point and other details in the application. It is possible to adjust the delays between actions to prevent blocking.

The main functions of the “ Bot” include:

  • Monitoring available dates and times: The app constantly monitors changes on and responds promptly when a free spot in the queue becomes available.
  • Fast registration: As soon as a free spot becomes available, the bot instantly registers your car, securing you a spot in the queue.
  • Unlimited number of registrations: “ Bot” is capable of handling any number of registrations, so you can be sure that your car will always be in the queue.
  • User customization: You can customize the application to your needs by selecting the desired monitoring time and frequency.

This offers a significant advantage over manual armoring, as free slots at border crossings are snapped up in literally seconds.

The application was developed to order, so it has exactly the same functionality. You can order the development of a similar application with the functionality you need. The program can be developed for any operating system. I also accept proposals for the development of applications of other topics.

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